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Short-term External Counterpulsation Augments Cerebral Blood Flow and Tissue Oxygenation in Chronic Cerebrovascular Occlusive Disease Presented at ESC

A randomized study demonstrating that Short-term External Counterpulsation Augments Cerebral Blood Flow and Tissue Oxygenation in Chronic Cerebrovascular Occlusive Disease was presented at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) taking place in Barcelona, Spain last week. The authors   P. Hillmeister D. Liebeskind O. Ritter I. Buschmann A. Hetzel M. Reinhard, E. Buschmann have reported previously on the angiogenetic producing benefit of External […]

First Enhanced Extenal Counterpulsation (EECP) Therapy Center Opens in Rome, Italy

The first Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) Therapy center, under the business name of Health Way, has opened in Rome, Italy. Under the guidance and Directorship of Dr. Antonio Laudani, this new private center, will provide EECP therapy for patients suffering from cardiovascular disease. EECP therapy, a non-invasive outpatient treatment has been shown effective, in many […]

Gleneagles Global Hospitals & Vaso-Meditech Pvt Ltd Launch India’s First ‘Advanced Heart Failure Treatment Program’

Gleneagles Global Hospitals, a Parkway Pantai enterprise, in association with Vaso-Medictech Pvt Ltd. launched the country’s first ever ‘Advanced Heart Failure Treatment Program’ (AHF-TP) in June, which aims to identify the prevalence of Heart-Failure among the general population of India and provide treatment. The Advanced Heart Failure Treatment Program a joint collaboration of Vaso-Meditech and […]

The International EECP Society Is Re-Launched!

The International EECP Society (IEECPS), which was originally established in 2013 at the 3rd International EECP Symposium as part of the program of the Great Wall International Cardiology Congress and Asian Pacific Healthcare Congress, is being re-launched. Larry Liebman, Executive Director of the IEECPS (formerly of Vasomedical Inc.), along with the dedicated physicians on the Board, are spearheading the […]

External Counterpulsation Devices Showcased at FIME

VSK Medical Limited, a cooperative joint venture between Vasomedical Inc. in the U.S. and PSK – Health in China, recently showcased their EECP/ECP devices at the Florida International Medical Exposition (FIME) which took place August 2 to August 4, 2016 in Miami Beach, Florida. FIME, which draws approximately 20,000 attendees from across North, Central and South America, is […]

EECP/ECP Symposium at ESC in Rome – August 30, 2016

The First Italian EECP/ECP Symposium sponsored by the Academia SRL and the Cattedra Cardiologia University of Rome Tor Vergata, will be held on August 30, 2016 at the Rome Marriott Park Hotel (on Via Colonnello Tommaso Masala) in Rome, Italy. Speakers will include Prof. Dr. Francesco Romeo and Dr. Anna Maria De Blasé of Italy, Prof. Dr. Ozlem […]

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